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Custom Software Tailored To Your Web And AI Needs

HIPAA & SOC2 Compliant AI and Custom Software Applications. Mobile responsive, and accessible for all users.

Our team has worked with

  • Microsoft
  • Potomac Family Dining
  • Boeing
  • Cem Home Care
  • Microsoft
  • Potomac Family Dining
  • Boeing
  • Cem Home Care

Our Recent Projects

    Custom Enterprise Software

    A franchise company requested an application to combine tools they were using into one application.

    • Event Scheduling
    • Document Creation
    • Tax Document Handling
    • Employee Training Tools
    • Custom Contact & Feedback Tool

    We can build custom solutions tailored to your specific business needs. There is no need for you to waste time managing different third party tools to accomplish your work. Instead use a tool built specifically to your business logic.

    AI Software As A Service

    We designed and built an artificial intelligence software as a service.

    • AI based data cataloging
    • Open AI Interfacing
    • AI Driven Searching
    • Private AI Chat Models
    • Full data encryption

    Are you looking to implement AI in your organization? We have the experience to help. From a custom chat application, internal documentation interactions, or other AI based software needs.

    Discord Application Managing Cloud Servers

    We produced a bot for the popular chat application Discord. The bot is able to start, stop, and manage dedicated servers for various games.

    • Custom Discord Bot
    • Google Cloud Integration
    • Docker based containers

    If you're looking for a tool to integrate with any major chat application we can help.

Custom Applications

Solve your complex problems.

An abstract globe merging with two squares representing complex processes. All surrounded by code and text symbols

Custom solutions for your specific needs.

  • Simplify complex business logic
  • Consistent on brand styling
  • Applications that scale to your businesses needs
  • Living system, request changes at any time
  • We do not use one size fits all templates
  • You own the code
A gear sitting on top of a phone showcasing combining applications into one platform.

Combine multiple tools.

  • Reduce the number of tools you need
  • Minimize human mistakes working between tools
  • Provide staff and customers with consistent tooling
  • Limit accounts needed by removing third party apps
  • Reduce reliance on a third party application

Enterprise Quality Software

Stay ahead of legal and usability requirements.

  • Consistent Software Branding

    Provide a consistent user experience to your customers and staff. Stable branding and styling across all of your tools.
  • Mobile Responsive Design

    All software we create is designed with mobile usage in mind. Grants your users with a great experience no matter what device they use.
  • Accessible

    Provide users of all ability levels with a stable, and pleasant experience. Keep up to date with accessibility laws.
  • PII Capable

    Every tool we build is built with security capable of protecting and storing personally identifiable information.
  • Data Encryption

    We encrypt all sensitive data that is stored within your tools.
  • 24/7 Support

    Any potential service level issues are addressed as soon as possible no matter when they occur.

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Why not just hire a full time developer?

Software developers are in short supply and expensive. It is not uncommon for a expert level developer to cost $200,000 per year before benefits.

If you are not able to keep that developer busy, retaining them (and their knowledge), will be challenging.

What tech stack do you use?

In order to keep our queue cycle time down, we utilize the same tech stack across all of our customers. We use a modern typescript based framework, hosted via Supabase.

How does 24/7 support work?

We understand how important uptime and reliability is. In order to provide the best possible service we offer 24/7 support for service level incidents.

Service level incidents are incidents where your users cannot use the application. They do not include bugs that have workarounds, but rather issues that make your application inoperable.

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