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Speed Up Web Design With AI

Screenshot of a restaurant landing page
Screenshot of a geographical tool landing page
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Website design often leads to frustrating iterations between developers and clients. Our solution? Harness the power of AI to swiftly generate numerous design options, streamlining collaboration and alignment between both parties.

Proposed Design Workflow

In order to design a site, AI can be used to generate a large amount of potential UI layouts with any given theme, branding colors, and styles. For instance in only a few minutes, and with a single command you can quickly generate 16+ potential UI's for any given potential website. You can then work with the client and these images to ensure you're both on the same page.

Now the desired design can be created in Figma, without wasting time on building our multiple possible designs.

Prompting MidJourney

We use Midjourney to come up with these designs. A very simple prompt to generate a set of 4 web designs:

a screenshot of a custom order tracking web application designed for a specific company, dark theme, modern, clean

By asking for a screenshot we encourage Midjourney to provide us with a screenshot as opposed to an artistic image. We also specify the type of application, a color theme, and a modern style.

2x2 grid of screenshots generated by AI for an order tracking site with a dark theme

Advanced Prompting

Multiple Styles and Themes

The easiest way to generate a collection of styles and themes is to use Midjourney's prompting language. It is possible to adjust our prompt from earlier to generate other styles and themes at the same time.

a screenshot of a custom order tracking web application designed for a specific company, {dark, light} theme, {modern, classical}, clean

This will run 4 different prompts resulting in 16 potential images.

Prompting Importance

You can seperate parts of a prompt with Comma's, however keep in mind that Midjourney will put an emphasis on the earlier parts of a prompt rather than the later parts. If a specific style feature is requested, ensure you place it early on in a prompt.

Image Prompting

If you, or your client has a reference website, or image they want to base the design off of, this can be provided as part of the prompt to Midjourney. This image will be used by the language model in it's creation of your images.

Working with Client

When using AI to work with clients it is important to make sure the client knows the images are AI generated. The text/images within a screenshot will, in almost all cases, be complete nonsense. You must make sure that your client knows that the AI is being used in order to get everyone on the same page and to ultimately save them time and money.

Upscaling Images For Clients

The output of Midjourney by default is too small to be useful. Using the U1 -> U4 options we can upscale the images prior to sending them to the client.

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